Monday, June 20, 2016

What your business is missing out by not going mobile!

Let’s face it… everything is mobile and mobile is everything now… I mean people are literally eating, drinking and sleeping mobile!

Need a few statistics to prove that? Well… Here goes…
While all other media consumptions are on their way down, mobile is the only one on its WAY up:
TV consumption: 2009 = 45% > 2012 = 38%
Online consumption: 2009 = 25% > 2013 = 20%
Radio consumption: 2009 = 17% > 2012 = 12%
Print consumption: 2009 = 9% > 2013 = 4%
Mobile consumption: 2009 = 4% < 2013 = 20% 

Still not satisfied? Let’s make this simple:
It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million users; the internet took just 4 years; and that Draw Something App that we all use to procrastinate, just 50 days!

So… Yeah! Mobile is kind of a big deal. In fact, it’s THE big deal!

With devices and technologies growing over the past few years, mobile has become the new game-changer and king-maker.

So if your business hasn’t gone mobile yet then you’re definitely missing out on these huge benefits:

Your customers will find you easier: One of the best advantages of a mobile device is portability. People can take it anywhere and do anything while on the go. This is likely the most exciting and sought after information about going mobile. Reading on the bus, shopping, booking tickets, checking weather and much more makes people spend more time on their mobile devices than on any other gadget. So if you’re business is not on mobile and your customer wants to get to your location or buy your product right now than they’ll either just have to wait till they get home or to the office to reach you or they’d have ‘sadly’ to move on to another company that they can find on their mobile!
You’ll get your message out extendedly: With so many other marketing channels it is hard to make sure that your marketing message will get heard or read, but compared to how many users are now using mobile over TV or PC, you can almost guarantee that your message will hit the targets it’s been aiming for.  You own the app so you can push anything you want your customers to know and attract more and the best part is that you don’t have to wait for THEM to come to visit you to get the latest on your biz.
You can get recognized faster: Whether it’s a mobile-optimized website or a dedicated mobile app, the expectation among consumers and businesses alike is that mobile solutions will be available when the need arises. With this in mind, it’s difficult to raise reasons why your business shouldn’t go mobile, since failing to do so will definitely lead to brand-damaging setback. So if you’re not representing yourself on mobile, your competition surely will take up the opportunity.

Your sales procedures will enhance: Why not be by the customer’s side when the sales-lightning strikes? Mobile solutions offer unparalleled responsiveness not only in communications but in logistics as well. Communicating new deals, features, and incentives to your sales team as they develop is crucial. With mobile capabilities, everyone from product developers to salespeople to managers can stay on the same page.

You’ll beat the fierce competition: With so many companies out there offering almost the same thing competition is cruel and the perfect choice for customers is tough. Most consumers now are looking for the best service to differentiate between companies. Nowadays everyone’s doing business online and obviously going mobile has its own benefits, but doing so before your competitors strengthens the insight that your company cares about your customer needs and for them having a company that gives them a personal service is what they want to make them feel special.

So those were the top reasons why anyone with an online presence should establish a mobile presence! Because as you can see, the mobile web is clearly trending up and has loads of scope to grow.

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  1. Great, I definitely agree. Regarding your previous post about erp softwares, I might actually go for the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics - it's the one for Operations and Financials, am I right? At the moment I have a standard version of microsoft dynamics ax that I'm quite happy with, but now I might need something more advanced.