Sunday, November 1, 2015

How Can Your Business Website Make the Right First Impression?

There are billions of internet users world-wide and more and more are logging on the net everyday.
Hence, in order to succeed in today's world, you must have an internet presence.
Placing your business on the World Wide Web, gives your business the potential for global exposure, no matter the size of your business – be it large or small; singular or multi-national. 
A website is a powerful first impression which tells your customers and viewers who you are, what you do and if they should go with your services/products or not. 
You can gain your viewers' trust with your website if designed and presented properly.
Want to leap to higher levels and show your quality services?
Contact me today and get a website that truly represents you.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Need an incredible offer to promote your business before heading to 2016 ?

As 2015 is coming to an end, every industry is thinking what they should do to best invest and make the best out of their services or products before the fireworks go off.

All organizations require to change at one stage or another in order to remain vibrant and successful and each year everyone struggles to reach that success.
 This is where we come in and as a matter of fact, aim at reaching that point.
Like it or not, businesses have to change the way they work and operate in the market in order to respond to a changing environment; Comelite helps you adapt even faster.

We provide our services in a way that will easily adapt to your growth and change so you can focus your energy on growing your business.

Check out our website to see the many services we've implemented

Now with an incredible offer of 20% discount on all our services, you can take advantage and promote your business before saying good-bye to 2015.

Need a website, branding and stationary? Mobile app or even management systems? No need to search, you can get it all with Comelite.
Contact me today and see how you can boost your business.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why Female Entrepreneurs Are Less Likely To Fail

Why female entrepreneurs are less likely to fail

By Shané Schutte
Due to their risk-averse nature, female entrepreneurs are more likely to set up a successful business, according to new research from Kleinwort Benson and YouGov.

Out of a sample of 500 business leaders, only 11 per cent of female respondents said they had failed in creating a successful firm, compared to 17 per cent of men.

Female entrepreneurs are more likely to be risk-averse and so avoid the pitfalls that can kill a young business, claimed Paul Bentley, Kleinwort Benson’s head of entrepreneurs.
He said in the report: “In our experience, female entrepreneurs tend to position themselves better to create long term value. This is beneficial in two ways. Firstly they often avoid the pitfalls that befall early stage businesses. Secondly, their businesses will have demonstrated a more consistent track record and they will be more attractive to potential acquirers.”
This fact hasn't changed since 2010, whereby data company Beauhurst found that 34 per cent of male entrepreneurs had a business go under, compared to 23 per cent of women. The company attributed the different attitudes towards risk: 50 per cent of male business owners had a risk-confident attitude to business, compared to less than a third of women. It also showed that men were more likely to simultaneously run a number of companies than their counterparts.

This difference in attitude was emphasized by a January 2015 report entitled "Women Leading The Charge Into Entrepreneurship". The report indicated that women take a different route in choosing to start a business as they often have different motivations. It claimed that a woman's approach to business is influenced by socialization from early in their lives, and so is their propensity to taking risks. 
A 2007 study from the Small Business Administration found that male owners are more likely to start a company to make money, and have higher expectations for their ventures. Women are more likely to prioritize making business and personal lives work in harmony. This tendency, the report claimed, often led to higher success rates for female entrepreneurs.

Researchers have started focusing on the relationship between testosterone and excessive risk, trying to evaluate whether groups of men spur each other toward reckless decisions. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Staying Ahead of the Pack

Staying Ahead of the Pack - How to Stay Ahead in Business Strategy With Comelite IT

Staying ahead of trends, technologies and your competitors can feel pretty daunting. However, there are steps you can take to not only keep up with the change, but also help both yourself and your business win. Here are some strategies to help you get ahead of the pack — if not lap the field. 

Mobilizing the business has become a priority for companies that want to stay ahead of the competition, build customer loyalty and improve efficiency. But building an effective corporate mobile strategy is about much more than technology. Mobilizing companies involves far more than just handing smartphones or tablets to employees. That’s how companies can gain competitive advantage and grow their revenues or significantly reduce their costs, potentially transforming not only their own operations but creating change throughout their industry.

Keeping one step ahead of competitors is a fundamental key to business success. One area where you can shine brighter than the rest is with a web strategy plan designed to ensure your website stands out and delivers. A professional website design firm can conduct concept research through examination of your competitors’ websites and industry leaders. Analysis of keyword usage, social media and other traffic driving mechanisms can be performed, in addition to a thorough evaluation of your current website to pinpoint existing areas of weakness. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research can also be performed to increase “hits” and build desired awareness about what your business has to offer.

Businesses that plan for growth are more successful than those that are happy to stay still. Use unique marketing solutions to keep up with developments in your sector, follow consumer trends, invest in new technology and have a clear idea of where you want to be in one, three and five years' time.

As you can see, there are some really easy strategies you can implement to help your business stay ahead of the competition. Remember to look to Comelite IT Solutions when you need fast, dependable solutions for new business plans on software and more.

Dynamic Websites for Better Online Business & Transactions!

Dynamic Websites for Better Online Business & Transactions!

Dynamic websites are database driven websites. These types of websites are perfect for online banking and businesses. And they are starting to take the lead over the classic static type of websites. 

A dynamic website has numerous benefits and advantages. It offers features such as receiving or storing your services, content, member information, products, etc.... Database driven websites are focused on the implementation of content from databases and that's how they are capable of changing the content and look of the website every time they are loaded.
Dynamic website, as above mentioned -is perfect for online businesses and as such they can help you improve your customers service, change your content, send customized emails and much more. All these elements together will help you to promote your business, improve your website traffic and online-offline exposure. Dynamic websites are a perfect solution if your goal is to present a large amount of information, products and services. 

Comelite IT Solutions Will Help You To...
Our company will help you to understand the importance of a well-developed dynamic website. We create database driven websites which are capable of handling complex tasks such as: receive, send and/or store products, add, edit, delete content, presenting and/or estimating sales information etc... Our web developers are highly proficient, and is striving for innovative concepts and bold solutions. We are here to help you to promote your business, increase your sales and generate revenue. Comelite IT Solutions website features are:
  •   Unlimited Product/Services Display
  •   Custom Shopping Carts/eCommerce Solutions
  •   Facility to Manage Content and Links
  •   User-Friendly Development Solutions
Our teams of developers are proficient in side-server programming and they can develop and create anything that a client demands.

We will develop a dynamic website according to your requirements and your company's needs. Comelite provides solutions which will give your prospective clients a unique feel and amplify your users' experience. We can create dynamic websites that are highly functional and that can complete your transactions and collect valuable information.

Just contact me and we'll bring your business strategy into reality!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

6 Advantages of the 2 Day Mobile App

6 Advantages of the 2 Day Mobile App

A friend called me a while ago after visiting my blog about our Instant Business App solution on our company’s website, telling us that there are SaaS solutions that do not even require you to spend two days on your app – you can get them instantly.

While I do admit that the online app building solutions are more flexible, there are some pitfalls which make our “two day app” stand out – even in terms of speed:

1- Not everyone is a techie. 

Sure, the argument here is that no coding is required. But still you must know a minimum of how to organize your buttons, how to offer the features, and what look to apply. You must also keep in mind that there are standards set for each platform, dictating how an app should look. At a minimum, you need consultation from a friend. Otherwise, you could risk being rejected by the app stores.
The thing about the “two day app” is that it requires no customization at all; only some skin and text changes. It is already based on industry best standards, and it has already been approved by the app stores. The user is getting more for their money, not less.

2- One-time payment vs. recurring. 

SaaS systems typically charge on a monthly basis. That’s how they make their money after all. Over a period of time, your costs can increase beyond what you initially anticipated.
The two day app, on the other hand, is a one-time fixed payment only. There is only an annual fee of $99 and that is because of the Apple App Store price. And let me guess; this price is not even included in the price the SaaS companies charge you.

3- One-stop shop for Android and iOS. 

Other companies require you to offer your Google Play and App Store accounts. You must solve the issue of getting an account with these companies, and this could delay (if not even cancel) your project.
In another project, one of our clients had to delay the iOS app for two months before they could complete the account issue.
Compare this to a solution that relieves you from these hassles altogether.

4- No setup hassles. 

This one we have in common with the SaaS systems in that we both offer hosting. Since we offer the hosting for the backend website too, you can just take your app, and it will just work! What sets us apart from the others is the Zero Hosting Fees. That is right; we are not charging you for any hosting at all. The only charging we take is equal to the Apple Appstore payment which you would need to give anyway. Compare this to the monthly or annual recurring payments you must give if you go with others.

5- See everything upfront.

The “two day app” is already published; uses may download samples of it and play with it. As such, the client knows exactly what they will get in the app. Compare this to a solution where nothing is defined in advance. We have also seen negative comments about the SaaS services, stating that things were not performing the way they were supposed to do. There are no such hidden caveats in our app.

6- Offline capabilities.

SaaS and online apps are designed to be online. At the time of this writing, we are not familiar with any SaaS which supports offline capabilities as well. Offline capabilities are complicated and require good coding to be applied properly. While this feature is a necessity especially in countries or locations with little or no internet connection, clients in those areas can simply not use those services as this feature is missing.In the “two day app”, this feature is built-in. The app collects the data anytime it is online, and stores it for usage anytime it is disconnected. The client will never notice the difference.

Naturally I believe our solution is better – otherwise we would not have come up with it. I hope this post has clarified our point as well that not only is the “two day app” superior in terms of quality – it is really faster to get done too.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How to get your business running with a mobile app in 2 days

Mobile users have bypassed the number of desktop users as this report from comScore shows. So it's no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing important, we know it is!
Some statistics show this trend:

1)      Mobile devices are becoming omnipresent across the globe.

  • 1 in 5 people in the world own a smartphone (Source: BI Intelligence)
  • 1 in 17 people in the world own a tablet (Source: BI Intelligence)
  • 25% of smartphone owners aged 18-44 can’t remember the last time their phone wasn’t next to them (Source: Fast Company)

2)      Consumer app-etite is growing because app retention and engagement have improved.

  • There are 224 million monthly active app users in the US (Source: Search Engine Journal)
  • The amount of time people spend using apps has increased by 21% since last year (Source: Localytics)
  • In 2014, the percent of apps used only once shrunk to 20%, improving from 22% from last year (Source: Localytics)
  • During the last four years, the percentage of apps used 11 or more times increased to 39% in 2014 (Source: Localytics)
  • In Q4 of 2014, apps were opened more than 10 times per month (higher than Q4 of 2013) (Source: Localytics

3)      Mobile is winning the battle for consumer time in key categories, like social networking and entertainment.

  • Digital radio and photos now generate 96% of their total engagement from mobile devices (Source: comScore)
  • Total mobile engagement on social has grown 55% in the past year (Source: comScore)

(Graph courtesy of comScore)

4)      Brands are investing more in mobile ads because they perform better than online ads.

  • Mobile ads perform 4-5 times better than online ads (Source: HubSpot)
  • 62% of smartphone users are “ok with 15-30 second ads” in exchange for video content (Source: ReelSEO)

5)      Mobile app revenue and the number of m-commerce transactions completed in apps will be higher than ever.

  • More than 2 billion mobile users will make a mobile commerce transaction by the end of 2017 (Source: Juniper Research)
  • In 2014, 42% of all mobile sales generated by the leading 500 merchants came from mobile apps (Source: Internet Retailer)
  • 74% of smartphone users use their phone to help with shopping (Source: HubSpot)
  • Mobile coupons are redeemed 10x more than print coupons (Source: HubSpot)
  • Global mobile app revenues are expected to grow to 76.52 billion US dollars in 2017 (Source: Statista)

What the Numbers Tell Us

Businesses are definitely missing out if they don’t have mobile presence. Not only will their services go unnoticed, but they are also missing the great sales potential, not to mention the much more effective ad performance. Offering ads in your app could get you 4-5 times more revenue than online ads would.

I’m Interested, How Do I Jump In?

Now you know the benefits, question is how to get the right app? Verifying the quality of an IT company can be a daunting task which could limit you to recommendations of a friend, or you would need IT consultation. Eventually, this could lock you to the local market and you’ll never know if you got the best value for the price. Also, the app must be published at least for the two most popular platforms: Android and iOS, and this adds to the costs. Besides that, mobile apps in the business industry need to stay up-to-date, and you cannot publish a new version of your app every time you want to update a change in prices or services. To handle all these, you would need a hosting website, a Google Playstore account, an Apple App Store account etc.

The App for Every Business

In Comelite we have come up with a solution that addresses ALL these needs. That’s right; we do the hosting, app store publishing, multi-platform development – and with great, verifiable quality. What better way to check the end result, by seeing it upfront? We are offering one of our most successful business apps at the fraction of the price to all those who wish to get a jump-start in this business. This app allows you to demonstrate your products, certifications, catalogs and other info to your clients. It comes with a contact form, and also allows you to show your stores on the map. It also comes with Google Maps Directions, which allows your users to navigate right to you. And all of this for $500 only.
Our Instant Business App plan allows you to enter the mobile business world only in two days – you pick the template, we publish the app*.
This is how it’s done:
Day 1:
-          You pick the template that you want applied on your app
-          You offer us the app name, logo and descriptions
Day 2:
-          We offer you the completed app based on your request, and publish it. We also offer you backend website access
You can browse our library of many design templates we offer, with new samples offered every month. You may view our templates here: Additionally, we accept changes to the color theme per your suggestions.
Enter the mobile world and get your first business app at now!
If you need any further features, we are open for suggestions. We can extend the app in any way you need, adding push notifications, payment gateway integration, chat services etc. Just give us a call at to get your offer done.
* Please note that while we will instantly publish your app, it will take around 2 weeks for Apple to review and approve the app. This is beyond our control, but the Android app is usually released the same day we publish it in Google Playstore.

Explosive Ideas (Game)

The game

Everyone has a special sense of humor. Each individual has his/her dreams and fantasies. Each mindset is a beauty of its own. You just have to discover it.
As a former shrink, working for several kindergartens in New York, I truly watched and observed hundreds and thousands of colorful and varied forms of a child’s imaginary. Some of them fashioned the most innovative creations. Some of them scared me with their virtual belief of the outside world.
As I quit and left my old office and started working and studying as an IT guy, I became interested in developing video games. I discovered the power of imagination, affecting the most popular trends in Twitter and Google. Some people have earned millions of dollars in this industry. As an ex-shrink, I’ve already learned that no one can possess 1000 good ideas… but thousand personalities can have one good idea individually!

The solution

And this is what all is about. I’m up to give everyone a chance to create his/her own game in mobile devices. Everyone remembers how Dong Nguyen hit the trends with his simple idea of a flying bird. He got rich with just a simple mechanism of getting that bird through some pipes (read about it here). Herewith, I want to give everyone the chance to come up with the next world trending idea.

Who's it for?

Anyone. Everyone. You. If you have an idea that needs to be brought to life in a game, my company is at your service.
We offer a solution, were you can create your own scenario of a video game and share that with us. We than care for the performance and build everything precisely based on your instructions.
We can make your game do what it needs to do in a visual and human readable way with the powerful event system. There's no need to memorize cryptic languages. We’ll focus on what really matters: designing your game!
With 10 years of experience, we know that it’s ideal for beginners, and powerful enough to let experts prototype faster than ever before.
For people who aren’t game designer and painter themselves, but have a great passion for games, we allow them to rapidly prototype their ideas and even vague sketches.
Liberate your inner game developing mindset!Bottom of Form

Samuel, K. Laurent, a Comelite columnist and game developer

Sunday, June 21, 2015

State of the Art Architectural Designs with Comelite Architectural & Structural Department

We love what we do and are always on the hunt to find ways to exceed client expectation.

Based on the results of your Initial Design, we will develop the design toward a final plan which will include an elevation as well as a site plan.

In Comelite we are renowned for our precision and accuracy, especially when it comes to architectural design.

Comelite Architectural & Structural can provide you a full set of interior design package with its functional layout, interior finishes and furnishing, include dining halls, flight kitchens, open mess facilities (officers’ and enlisted clubs), snack bars, and cafeterias.

Visit us today at:

Thursday, June 11, 2015

An App for Everyone!

An App for Everyone, an App for Every Company

Based on our motto “An App for Everyone”, we offer a special package for smaller businesses with a specific list of menus and services as the following:

- Instant Apps and web building software 
- Access to company catalogs via pdf reader or browser
- Photo Gallery
- Distributers
- Offline Access
- Contact Us page
- Product details list
- News Page
- Google maps

Through a catalog, you will have the option to choose from a variety of prepared design samples. After determining the pages and features, you can get your mobile app designed by our professionals and published on Google Play as well as Apple Store. 
For just 500 bucks you can get your own app in order to establish your own network with suppliers, employees and customers. 
This solution is for those who want to prove the taste of being “on app” and making profits by handling everything with just some few finger tips. Welcome aboard!
What’s more: we can also offer additional features such as push notifications, video files etc. 
Contact us at for more info!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Comelite IT Solutions

Comelite IT Solutions is an international website and software development company that has highly qualified engineers in several countries. The company was founded in 2003 by a team of IT specialists with previous experience in the fields of software engineering, business automation and computer programming.

A leading information technology services provider in website development, mobile applications, software development, management systems and much more. We have highly qualified software development engineers employed in several countries. Our dedicated teams have delivered several websites, workflows, mobile apps, CRMs, databases and more in the past decade.