Sunday, March 13, 2016


Everyone knows the main and general benefits of an ERP; from a centralized data center of your business, to the full integration of you business departments, to the energy and money saving advantages.

In the long list of ERP solutions, it will be hard to decide which one to choose, but take note that if your company already Doesn't have an ERP system, you are missing out on the below:
  1. Streamline communication in your business: When you have an automated system, your communication process within your departments will be just as in your current business workflow process. So all departments will have one line of communication and understanding of the flow.
  2. No manual errors: When all your processes are defined within an ERP, then you can be assured that all reports, workflows, payments, approvals, will all be in the right place and no need for you to worry for careless manual mistakes. 
  3. Real analysis of your data and KPIs: When all your workflows are within an ERP, you can get real analysis of your data. For example, you can view how much of a certain product was sold and at what times, or which of your services/products are most popular among who, or have complete supervision of your sales and expense reports. So you can manage with more control. 
  4. Scalability: Your business is growing by the second and so should your ERP software. Most ERP solutions are modular and allow you to build and expand. ERP nowadays can be flexible and tailored to your needs.

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