Saturday, January 30, 2016

Three Simple Experiences to Improve Client Relations

Three Simple Experiences to Improve Client Relations

1-                Understand the customer: Before any interactions (even initial ones) with the prospect, do your homework. Learn, research and evaluate a bit about the Client’s industry, what the client does and how they will benefit from your product/service. This way you will get a better idea on how to approach and deliver your sales pitch.
2-                Build a constructive relationship: You’ve probably heard a lot about how when offering your product/service you should get straight to the point and tell them what they need and what you do. That’ll work AFTER you get to know and build a professional relationship with the client. People usually buy from and even talk more to connections they know rather than complete strangers. Even if you don’t share interests you can always find a productive subject to build a conversation on and that will make your client feel comfortable and not have a sense that you’re persuading him/her to buy something from you every time they say hello.
3-                Do and say what you would like to see and hear: Certain things annoy certain people and certain things attract certain people. Put yourself in the client’s shoes and see how you would like to be treated by an ‘approacher’ and do it the exact same way with your client. If a certain method, phrase or approach really irritates you, it will most likely annoy a pretty good prospect too, even if it’s in the books. You can be certain that trying to use all the genuine textbook rules will look and feel forged for both of you and you’ll be sure that the stream will head in the wrong and negative direction.
In conclusion; just always be yourself, try new methods and change your way of approach every now and then. The best way to win a deal is to show your true personality!

I’d love to hear your comments, suggestions and experiences in client communications.

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