Thursday, July 9, 2015

6 Advantages of the 2 Day Mobile App

6 Advantages of the 2 Day Mobile App

A friend called me a while ago after visiting my blog about our Instant Business App solution on our company’s website, telling us that there are SaaS solutions that do not even require you to spend two days on your app – you can get them instantly.

While I do admit that the online app building solutions are more flexible, there are some pitfalls which make our “two day app” stand out – even in terms of speed:

1- Not everyone is a techie. 

Sure, the argument here is that no coding is required. But still you must know a minimum of how to organize your buttons, how to offer the features, and what look to apply. You must also keep in mind that there are standards set for each platform, dictating how an app should look. At a minimum, you need consultation from a friend. Otherwise, you could risk being rejected by the app stores.
The thing about the “two day app” is that it requires no customization at all; only some skin and text changes. It is already based on industry best standards, and it has already been approved by the app stores. The user is getting more for their money, not less.

2- One-time payment vs. recurring. 

SaaS systems typically charge on a monthly basis. That’s how they make their money after all. Over a period of time, your costs can increase beyond what you initially anticipated.
The two day app, on the other hand, is a one-time fixed payment only. There is only an annual fee of $99 and that is because of the Apple App Store price. And let me guess; this price is not even included in the price the SaaS companies charge you.

3- One-stop shop for Android and iOS. 

Other companies require you to offer your Google Play and App Store accounts. You must solve the issue of getting an account with these companies, and this could delay (if not even cancel) your project.
In another project, one of our clients had to delay the iOS app for two months before they could complete the account issue.
Compare this to a solution that relieves you from these hassles altogether.

4- No setup hassles. 

This one we have in common with the SaaS systems in that we both offer hosting. Since we offer the hosting for the backend website too, you can just take your app, and it will just work! What sets us apart from the others is the Zero Hosting Fees. That is right; we are not charging you for any hosting at all. The only charging we take is equal to the Apple Appstore payment which you would need to give anyway. Compare this to the monthly or annual recurring payments you must give if you go with others.

5- See everything upfront.

The “two day app” is already published; uses may download samples of it and play with it. As such, the client knows exactly what they will get in the app. Compare this to a solution where nothing is defined in advance. We have also seen negative comments about the SaaS services, stating that things were not performing the way they were supposed to do. There are no such hidden caveats in our app.

6- Offline capabilities.

SaaS and online apps are designed to be online. At the time of this writing, we are not familiar with any SaaS which supports offline capabilities as well. Offline capabilities are complicated and require good coding to be applied properly. While this feature is a necessity especially in countries or locations with little or no internet connection, clients in those areas can simply not use those services as this feature is missing.In the “two day app”, this feature is built-in. The app collects the data anytime it is online, and stores it for usage anytime it is disconnected. The client will never notice the difference.

Naturally I believe our solution is better – otherwise we would not have come up with it. I hope this post has clarified our point as well that not only is the “two day app” superior in terms of quality – it is really faster to get done too.

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